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As part of the assessment process for this course you will be required to complete the following task. This will enable you to demonstrate what you have learned and what you can now do on your developing websites.

We will review the concept of using tags and categories in your posts.


You are required to make a new post on your website entitled ‘Tags and categories’

In the main text of the post please explain the importance/benefits of using both tags and categories.

*This is an introduction to web design course so don’t worry about having to write too much. A paragraph or two will be enough. Recommended reading for this task HERE.

Additionally: you will demonstrate other skills from the course by;

  • Finding a youtube video discussing tags and categories and embedding it into the post.

  • Using Google image search find a suitable picture and insert this into the post.

  • Find related articles/websites discussing categories and tags and provide links to these within the text of your post.

Finally, don’t forget to add tags and choose a category for your post.

You can review any part of the course by using the links at the end of the slideshow for this session HERE.

In this lesson we look at how to add documents* to your website that the public can then download and use.


  • A posters/flyers that you’d like people to print and circulate.
  • Booking forms
  • Price lists
  • Charity Constitutions etc
  • CVs
  • Any documents of your choice

In preparation for this task you will need to download 4 PDF documents.

These were provided in an email sent to you titled ‘Day 5’.

Alternatively you can view/download using these links;